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A letter from Adelaide/Aleid of Holland (1276, April to 1277, March)


Translated letter: 

To all who will view the present (letters) Adelaide formerly wife of lord John of Avesnes, Floris her son and Berta, the young lady of Putte, greeting and knowledge of truth.
May all know that we have seen the letters of lord Nicolas of Putte, knight and father of the aforesaid young lady Berta, in these words, in their original form with their seal intact, not struck out, nullified or invalidated in any part of it:
Note referring to letter 2.696.(1)

Original letter: 

Universis presentia visuris Aleydis uxor quondam domini Ihoannis de Auennis, Florentius eiusdem filius et Berta domicella de Putte salutem et noscere veritatem.
Noverint universi nos litteras domini Nycolay de Putte, militis et patris predicte domicelle Berte, vidisse in hec verba, in sua prima figura cum integro sigillo suo, non cancellatas, non abolitas neque aliqua sui parte viciatas: (volgt nr. 696).

Historical context: 

A vidimus of the countess, her son, and a young lady of a letter by the lady’s father. In the letter referred to, dated 1246, Nicholas gives details about two sets of land held in fief jointly but not equally by different men and the annual payment from part of one to the man's wife in dower.

Scholarly notes: 

1 This translation was provided by Ashleigh Imus.

Printed source: 

Oorkondenboek van Holland en Zeeland tot 1299, ed. A.C.F.Koch (Gravenhage: Martinus Nijhoo, 1970), ep.1777,3.905-06.


1276, April to 1277, March