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A letter from Florence, count of Holland (1272, September 8)

Translated letter: 

1272, September 8
Florence count of Holland to all who will see the presents, greetings.
All should know that we recognize the obligations of our beloved aunt, lady Adelaide of Hainaut, in the thousand pounds of Holland money to lord Peter of Borsele and the sons of his brother, lord Henry called Wisse, to be faithfully paid without delay according to the terms contained in the letters about the form of peace made between them, and we oblige ourselves by the present letters to carry this out faithfully not only as the surety of our said aunt but also as principal debtor.
Dated in the year of the Lord 1272, on the day of the Nativity of St. Mary the Virgin.

Original letter: 

Florencius comes Hollandie universis presentia visuris salutem. Noverint universi quod nos recognoscimus obligatos dilecte amite nostre, domine Aleydi de Haynonia, in mille libris Hollandentium denariorum pro domino Petro de Barsalia et filiis fratris sui, domini Heinrici dicti Wissen, persolvendis fideliter et sine protractione ad terminos in litteris de forma pacis inter eos facte contentos, et ad hoc fideliter explendum dicte amite nostre nos non solum tanquam fideiussorem sed tanquam principalem debitorem nostris presentibus litteris obligamus.
Datum anno Domini M° CC° septuagesimo secundo, in die Nativitatis beate Marie virginis.

Historical context: 

The count records and stands surety for a debt incurred by his aunt, who had been regent for him until he was of age.

Printed source: 

Oorkondenboek van Holland en Zeeland tot 1299, ed. A.C.F.Koch (Gravenhage: Martinus Nijhoo, 1970), ep.1611, 3.696


1272, September 8