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A letter from Adela, countess of Blois, Chartres, and Meaux (1133-37)

Translated letter: 

To her most reverend lord and father, G[eoffrey], A[dela], nun of Marcigny, mother of count T[hibaud], the gift of prayer of the faithful. It has come to us that the canons of St. Calais have misrepresented the tithing from the gift of alms from Francheville which the venerable count Stephen, our associate and I gave to the monks of the major monastery, and your paternity should know that this claim was aired in our presence while I was still acting in the world, and it was altogether settled, so that the said monks should not be further disturbed over it. Whereby those canons immediately renounced their complaint against the monks before us, with many legitimate witnesses. For that reason I beg the paternity of your holiness not to permit said monks of the major monastery to be distressed further in any way over this. Fare well.

Original letter: 

Reverendissimo domino et patri G. Dei gratia Carnotensi episcopo ac Sancte R. Ecclesie legato, A. marciniacensis monacha comitis T[eobaldi] mater, fidelium munus orationis. Pervenit ad nos quod canonici sancti Karilelfi decimam de dono elemosine de Franca villa, quam venerabilis Stephanus comes socius noster et ego maioris monasterii monachis dedimus calumpniaverant, et ideo noverit vestra paternitas hanc calumpniam in presentia nostra, cum adhuc in seculo agerem, sic ventilatam et omnino definitam esse, ut nullatenus super hoc prefati monachi inquietari debeant. Quapropter [al. quippe quia] canonici illi nobis, coram positis puribus legitimis testibus, hanc querelam monachis prorsus quiete dimiserunt. Quocirca vestre sanctitatis paternitatem exoro ne super hoc iam dictos maioris monasterii momachos ulterius ullo modo fatigari permittatis. Vale.

Historical context: 

Adela reminds the bishop that the case which the St. Calais canons have brought against the monks of Marmoutier was previously heard and settled in her presence and the canons renounced their claims. Adela sent a similar letter to her son; see her letter to count Thibaud. The dating is LoPrete's and I am endebted to her for knowledge of this letter.

Printed source: 

Marmoutier Cartulaire Blesois, ed. Charles Metais, (Blois: E. Moreau, 1889-91), ep.146, p.138.