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A letter from Adela, countess of Blois, Chartres, and Meaux (1133-37)

Translated letter: 

To her dearest son, count T[hibaud] of Blois, A[dela], nun of Marcigny, the affection of maternal love. I am mindful indeed, dearest son, that when I was in the secular state, the canons of St. Calais lodged a complaint about the tithing over the gift of alms of Francheville which our associate count Stephen your father and I gave to the monks of the greater monastery. About which your love should know that the same canons had previously approved [the settlement of] the complaint with the said monks in our presence, that that charge would be settled permanently from then on without opposition. On account of which, dearest son, I beg you that the alms which we freely gave the monks you will guard for them freely, so the church of the major monastery will be troubled with no further controversy over this. Fare well.

Original letter: 

Karissimo filio suo T[etbaldo] blesensi comiti A. marciniacensis monacha materne dilectionis affectum. Memor sum quidem, fili karissime, quod cum adhuc in seculari habitu degerem canonicos sancti Karilelfi, de decima super dono elemosine de Franca villa, quam socius noster comes Stephanus pater tuus et ego maioris monasterii monachis dedimus, conquestos fuisse. Super quo noverit dilectio tua quod idem canonici hanc querelam in presentia nostra jam dictis monachis ita prius annuerant [al. dimiserunt], ut eadem querimonia deinceps sine reclamatione perpetuo sopiretur. Quapropter [al. eapropter] te, dilectissime fili, exoro ut elemosinam nostram quam libere monachis dedimus, sic illis libere custodias, ne ulterius aliqua controversia super hoc ecclesias maioris monasterii fatigetur. Vale.

Historical context: 

Adela reminds her son that the case which the St. Calais canons have brought against the monks of Marmoutier was previously heard and settled in her presence and the canons renounced their claims. Adela sent a similar letter to Geoffrey, bishop of Chartres, but the language is slightly different.

Scholarly notes: 

(!1)The dating is LoPrete's and I am endebted to her for knowledge of this letter.

Printed source: 

Marmoutier Cartulaire Blesois, ep.146, p.138-39(!1)