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Aelis of Basochis

Title social-status: 
Lady of Castello Porcens

Aelis is a married sister of Guido de Basochis, whom we know from the letter he addressed to her. She is the daughter of Hadeiwch, lady of Basochis, to whom Guido addressed four extant letters. Guido was a writer and canon of the church of St. Stephen, Chalons-sur-Marne in the late 12th century. The family was noble, major vassals of the counts of Champagne, who held the office of “vidame” of Chalons-sur-Marne. Guido accompanied the expedition of Henry II of Champagne on the third crusade in 1190, about which he wrote in his world history. The history is mentioned in the 1203 Chronicle of Alberic Troisfontaines, along with his tract on geography, an apologia of his life, and his letters; Alberic also mentions Guido’s (and Aelis's) brother, Nicholas, abbot of Milo St. Medard at Soissons.

Letters to Aelis of Basochis