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Adelaide of Carcassonne

Title social-status: 
Countess of Cerdagne

Adelaide was the daughter of Rangard of La Marche and Peter Raymond of Carcassonne.  She was married to William Raymond, count of Cerdagne, who seems to have repudiated her, giving her and the lands she brought to the marriage, to her aunt and uncle, Almodis of La Marche and Raymond Berenguer I, in 1067, for 4000 Barcelona marks (LFM #815).  Adelaide did not, however, renounce her claim to those lands, which the death of her brother Roger gave her, until 1070 (LFM #822).

Biographical notes: 

See Fredric L. Cheyetter "The `Sale' of Carcassonne to the Counts of Barcelona (1067-70) and the Rise of the Trencavels," Speculum 63 (1988), 826-64.