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Agnes, abbess of the Holy Cross

Title social-status: 
Abbess of the Holy Cross, Poitiers

Agnes was the spiritual daughter of Radegund of Thuringia, queen of the Franks. According to the letter Gregory of Tours cites in the History of the Franks (9.42), Radegund said she brought Agnes up as if she were her daughter from childhood on, loved her, appointed her (with the concurrence of the convent) as Abbess/Mother Superior of the monastery she had founded and thereafter submitted herself in regular obedience to her:
"electione etiam nostrae congregationis domnam et sororem meam Agnetem, quam ab ineunte aetate loco filiae colui et educavi, abbatissam institui, ac me post Deum ejus ordinationi regulariter obedituram commisi."
We know little about her, but she was apparently an aristocrat ("domnam"), and she was educated enough to participate in the exchange of Latin poems with Fortunatus.