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Name Title Birth Datesort descending Date of death
Caesaria, abbess of Arles Abbess of Arles 561
Alix of Vergy, duchess of Burgundy Duchess of Burgundy 1251
Adelaide of Aquitaine, queen of the Franks queen of the Franks 1004
Alix/Adela of Champagne, queen of France queen of France 1206
Beatrice, countess/duke of Upper Lorraine countess/duke of Upper Lorraine 987
Adelidis of Barking Abbess c.1166
Emma of Provence Countess of Toulouse first half of 11th century
Emma, queen of the Franks queen of the Franks after 988
Matilda of Swabia duchess of Swabia 1033
Hodierna of Jerusalem countess of Tripoli after 1161
Agnes of Assisi 13th century
Nun M., daughter of Richard
Talasia abbess early 7th century
Ida of Carinthia Countess of Nevers 1179
Waldrada after 869
Beatrice of Villa noblewoman by mid 12th century
Matilda of Carinthia Countess of Champagne and Blois 1160/1161
Bertha of the Obertenghi Countess, Margravine of Turin after1040
Gerberga of Arles Countess of Arles and Provence, viscountess of Millau and Gévaudan 1115
Adelaide/Adeliza/Adelida, royal nun royal nun lived in the 11th century
Matilda of Touraine Duchess of Burgundy by 1162
Theutberga of Lotharingia Queen of Lotharingia after 869
Matilda of Châteaudun Countess of Vendôme 1119
Cecilia of France Princess of Antioch, Countess of Tripoli after 1145