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A letter from Pons of Petra Media

Translated letter: 

I, Pons, son of the late woman, Arsind, swear to you, Raymond count of Barcelona and Almodis, countess, and Lucia, countess, that from this hour forward I shall be faithful to you by correct faith, without trick, without fraud or evil artifice and without any deception.  And I, said Pons, from this hour forward shall not forbid you power over that town which is called Petra Media, at all those times when you the aforesaid or one of you should seek power from me over said town by yourselves or by your messengers, or messenger, and I would make you the authorities without deception, and those men by whom you had commanded me.  And if there were any man or woman who would forbid you power over said town, I should not have peace or association with him or with her who did this  to any harm to you, until you had recovered said town.  And if Artaud, count of Pallars, my lord, did not keep nor hold fully all those [agreements which he had made with you, I would keep with you and in your power said town of Petra Media, without deception.  And as is written above, I, said Pons, would so hold and keep to you, said count Raymond and countess Almodis and countess Lucia, without deception, to my knowledge, except as you would release me, willingly, without force.  By God and these saints.]

Original letter: 

Iuro ego Poncius, filius qui fui Arsindis, femine, ad vos, Raimundum, comitem (se) Barchinone, et ad Almodem, comitissam, et Luciam, comitissam, quod ab hac ora et deincebs fidelis ero vobis per directam fidem, sine engan, sine fraude et malo ingenio et sine ulla decepcione. Et ego predictus Poncius ab hac ora et deincebs non vetabo vobis potesta­tem de ipso castro quod dicitur Petra Media, per omnes illas vices quando vos predicti ant unus ex vobis requisieritis ad me potestatem de iam dicto castro per vos ipsos aut per vestros missos vel missum, et potestativos vos inde faciam sine vestro ingan, et ipsos homines, de quibus vos mihi mandaveritis. Et si esset ullus homo vel femina qui devetassent vobis potestatem de iam dicto castro, non habebo finem nec societatem cum illis vel cum illa qui hec fecerint vel fecerit ad ullum vestrum dampnum, usquequo recuperatum habeatis predictum castrum. Et si Artallus, comes Paliarensis, senior meus, non attenderit et non tenuerit iutegriter omnes illas .

Historical context: 

The oath which Pons made to the count and countesses and to her sister,  Lucia, for the town of Petra Media,  in the county of Pallars.

Printed source: 

LFM 1.54, #38.