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A letter from Raymond Berengar

Translated letter: 

In the name of God.  I Raymond, by the grace of God count of Barcelona and marquis, am the donor to you, Almodis, countess of Barcelona.  By this document I give of my most willing gift to you, said countess Almodis, that town of Stopaniano with all its buildings and appurtenances; and I give you that town of Puirog with all its buildings and appurtenances; and I give you the town of Cannelas with all its buildings and appurtenances.  These said towns came to me, aforeaid count Raymond, by gift of God or by acquisition which I made with you, aforesaid countess, by generous divine mercy, on behalf of the Spanish.  The said town of Stopaniano abuts:  in the east, water or the river of Noguera, in the south, the towns of Drogon and Caboregs, in the west, the towns of Mamagastre and Gavasa, in the north, the towns of Pilzano and Castserras.  And the town of Puirog abuts: in the east, the town of Pinzan, in the south, the boundary of Pinzan, in the west, the towns of Benavarre and Chalasanç, in the north, the town of Falcs.  And the town of Cannelas abuts in the east, the town of Hos, in the south, the town of Drogon, in the west, the river Noguera, in the north, the boundary of the town Ager.  For I give you, said countess Almodis, I said Raymond, count and marquis, said towns with all their building and all things, churches and all others appurtenances to the said towns that can be known or named, with their exits and returns, as all said abutments include or encompass, for your own; and I hand over from my right into your dominion and power that you may have free and solid power of doing with said towns and all that now pertains to them or will pertain from now on, with God granting, whatever it may please you to do.  If I, said count, or any man or woman, should come to breach this document of my gift, made with willing spirit by me to you, said countess Almodis, we would not be able to acquire what we sought, but must compound said towns with all that pertain to them or ought to pertain or will pertain from then on, God granting, triply;  and afterwards this document of gift, made by my own will, will obtain full and undisturbed strength.  The document of gift was enacted on 3 kalends of February in the 3rd year of the reign of king Philip.  I, count Raymond, had this document of gift signed and asked witnesses to sign it.

Sign+ of Bernard Amato.  Sign+ of Raymond Sancio.  Sign+ of Raymond Raymondo.  Sign+ of Adalbert Guitard.  Sign+ of Renard William.  + Berengar, subdeacon, who wrote this document of gift on the above day and year.  

Original letter: 

In Dei nomine. Ego Raimundus, gracia Dei Barchinonensis comes et marchio, donator sum tibi, Almodi, Barchinonensi comitisse. Per hanc scripturam mee libentissime donacionis dono tibi, predicte Almodi comi­tisse, ipsum castrum de Stopaniano cum omnibus (h)edificiis et pertinenciis omnibus; et dono tibi ipsum castrum de Puio Roio cum omnibus suis (h)edificiis et pertinenciis omnibus; et dono tibi ipsum castrum de Cannelas cum omnibus (h)edificiis et pertinenciis omni­bus. Advenerunt mihi, predicto Raimundo comiti, iam dicta castra dono Dei sive per adquisicionem quam tecum predicta comitissa feci, largiente divina clemencia, ex partibus Ispaniarum. Habet, autem, affrontaciones prefatum castrum de Stopanian: a parte orientis in aqua sive in flumine de Nogera, a parte meridiei in castro Drogon et de Caboregs, a parte occidentis in ipso castro de Mamagastre et in ipso de Gavasa, a parte circi in castro Pilzani et in ipso de Castserras. Et ipsum castrum de Puio Roio habet affrontaciones : a parte orientis in castro de Pinzan, a parte meridiei in ipso termino de Pinzan, a parte occidentis in castro de Benavarre sive de Chalasanç; a parte, vero, circi in castro de Falcs. Et ipsum castrum de Cannelas habet affron­taciones : a parte orientis in castro Hos, a parte meridiei in castro Drogon, a parte occidentis in flumen de Nogera, a parte circi in termino de Ager castro. Dono, namque, tibi, predicte Almodi, comitisse, ego, iam dictus Raimundus, comes et marchio, predicta castra, cum omnibus (h)edificiis et cum omnibus rebus, ecclesiis sive cunctis aliis omnibus pertinentibus ad predicta castra que possint sciri vel nominari, cum exitibus et regressibus eorum, sicut prefate omnes affrontaciones includunt vel ambiunt, ad tuum proprium; et de meo iure in tuum trado dominium et potestatem ut libera et solida potestas sit tibi faciendi de predictis castris cum omnibus que modo pertinent eis, vel deincebs, dante Deo, pertinuerint, faciendi hoc totum quod tibi placuerit facere. Quod, si ego predictus comes, aut ullus homo vel femina, contra hanc scripturam mee donacionis, libenti animo a me factam, tibi, predicte Almodi, comitisse, venero vel venerit ad irrumpendum, non valeam vel valeat adquirere quod requisiero vel requisierit, sed componam vel componat predicta castra cum omnibus que sibi pertinent vel debent pertinere vel abincebs, Deo dante, pertnuerint, in triplo: et postmodum hec scriptura donacionis, mea propria voluntate facta, plenum atque inconvulsum obtineat robur. Acta scriptura donacionis III kal. febroarii anno III regni Philippi, regis. Raimundus, comes, qui hanc scripturam donacionis feci firmari et testes firmare rogavi. Sig+num Bernardi Amati. Sig+num Raimundi Sancii. Sig+num Raimundi Raimundi. Sig+num Adalberti Guitardi. Sig+num Renardi Guillelmi. + Berengarius, subdiachonus, qui hanc scrip turam donacionis scripsit die et anno quo supra.

Historical context: 

Charter of donation which count Raymond made to his wife for the towns of Stopaniano and Puirog and Canelis.

Printed source: 

LFM 1.55-56, #39.


1063, January 30