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A letter from Berengar Isarn

Translated letter: 

I Berengar Isarn swear to you, lord Raymond, count, and lady Almodis, countess, that from this hour forth I shall be faithful to you on your life and all the members held in your bodies, and the whole honor which you have today and will acquire in the future, God granting, without fraud and evil artifice and any deception.  And I shall give you power over that town, Stopaniano, without deception, as many times as you both, or one of you, request that power from me through yourselves or your messengers.  And after your death, if I am alive and hold that said town, in a similar way I shall give power to your son,  to whom you both or one of you leave said town by testament or words.  By God and these holy things.

Original letter: 

Iuro ego Berenger Isarn vobis, domno Raimundo, comiti, et domne Almodi, comitisse, ut ab hac hora et deincebs fidelis ero vobis de vestra vita et de omnibus membris que se tenent in corporibus vestris, et de toto alio honore quem hodie habetis et in antea adquisieritis, Deo dante, sine fraude et malo ingenio et ulla vestra decepcione. Et dedero vobis potestatem de ipso castro Stopanian, sine engan, per quantas vices vos ambo, aut unus ex vobis, requisieritis ipsam potestatem mihi per vos ipsos aut per vestros nuncios. Et post mortem vestram, si vivus fuero et teneo iam dictum castrum, simili modo dedero potestatem illi vestro filio quem vos ambo, aut unus ex vobis, dimiseritis predictum castrum testamento vel verbis. Per Deum et hec sancta.

Historical context: 

The oath of Berengar Isarn to the count and countess for the town of Stopaniano.

Printed source: 

LFM 1.58, #41.