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A letter from Arnall Miro


Translated letter: 

In the name of the Lord.  I, Arnall Miro, and his wife Arsind, we are sellers to you, lord Raymond, count of Barcelona, and lady Almodis, countess.  By this document of sale, we sell you that town which is called Casseres, with all the instruments of buildings and with tithes and boundaries and appurtenances and neighborhoods and with the lands and cultivated vineyards, and fallow lands, and with all trees and meadows and pastures, woods and barren lands, ponds and swamps and mills and milling rights and with all things thereto appertaining.  All these came to us indeed through the generosity of God, who gave it to us from the power of the Sarracens and through all rights.  And all of these are in the far bounds of the Marches near Spain, within the towns of Falch and Stopaniano.  And they abut:  to the east on the boundary of Bellomonte and Fezed, and south on the boundary of Stopaniano, west on the boundary of the castle of Pilzano, and northwest, on the boundary of the towns of Benavar and Falch.  As much as these abutments include and these boundaries encircle, we sell to you as your own allod as much as we have and ought to have in said town and in all its boundaries and appurtenances for a thousand ounces of gold which are 7 thousand Barcelona marks (mancusos) of money, which we receive from you as the payment, therefore of our right we hand over this whole as said and written above into your dominion to do what you wish.  And whoever should wish to break this, cannot do so, but for the presumption alone he will pay all the aforesaid doubly; and afterwards this document of sale will remain firm.  Which was done on 6th kalends of August in the 7th year of the reign of king Philip.  Sign+ of Arnall Miro.  Sign+ of Arsind, who [we] ordered this charter written and signed and asked it to be signed.  Sign+ of Gerall Alaman.  Sign+ of William Bernard of Odena.  Sign+ of Raymond William, his son.  Sign+ of Sicard Salomon.  Sign+ of Raymond Miro of Acuta.  Sign+ of Raymond Raymundi of Capolads.  Sign+ of Berengar Raymond his brother.  Sign of Bernard Raymond of Camarasa.  Sign+ of Miro Isarn.   Sign+ of Hugo Arnall.  Sign+ of William Raymond of Callaris.  Sign+ of Arnall Bernard of Castelleto.  Sign+ of Raimball William of Montecatano.  Sign+ of Bernard Raymond of St. Menato.  Sign+ of Albert Raymond.  Sign+ of Bernard Isarn of Rener.  Sign+ of Arbert Raymond.  Sign+ of Bernard Isarn of Rener.  Sign+ of Arbert Isarn.  Sign+ of Bernard Dalmaci.  Sign+ of Hugo Dalmad of Bergedan.  Sign+ of Berengar Riculf of Castle Edral.  Sign+ of Bernard Amati.  Sign+ of Gerall.  Sign+ of Bernard Trasvari.  Sign+ of Berengar Isarn.  Gerbert Miro.  Peter, deacon, wrote this sheet of bestowing as asked, in the year noted with letters placed above in the 6th line.

Original letter: 

In nomine Domini. Ego Arnallus Mironis et uxor eius Arsindis, vinditores sumus vobisi, domno Raimundo, comiti Barchinonensi, et domne Almodi comitisse. Per hanc nostre vendicionis scripturam vendimus vobis ipsum castrum quod dicitur Castroserras, cum omnibus edificiorum instrumentis et cum decimis et terminis et pertinenciis et adiacenciis et cum terris et vineis cultis et eremis, et cum arboribus universis et cum pratis et pascuis, silvis atque garricis, stagnis atque paludis et molendinis atque molendinariis et cum omnibus rebus sibi pertinentibus. Advenerunt quidem nobis hec omnia per largicionem Dei, qui nobis hoc dedit de potestate sarracenorum sive per omnes voces. Et sunt hec omnia in extremis finibus Marchiarum iuxta Hispaniam, intra castrum de Falcs et castrum de Stopaniano. Et habent affrontacionem: ad oriente in termino de Bellomonte et de Fezed, et de meridie in termino de Sto­paniano, de occiduo eciam in termino de castello de Pilzano, de circio, iterum, in termino de castro Benavarre et de castro de Falcs. Quantum iste affrontaciones includunt et isti termini ambiunt, vendimus vobis ad vestrum proprium alodium quantum habemus et habere debemus in predicto castro et in omnibus terminis et pertinenciis eius propter mille uncias auri que sunt VII milia mancusos Barchinonensis monete, quas a vobis accipimus per precium, ideoque de nostro iure tradimus hoc totum, sicut superius est dictum et scriptum, in vestrum dominium ad quod volueritis faciendum. Et qui hoc vobis ullo modo voluerit disrumpere, non valeat facere, sed pro sola presumpcione in duplo vobis predicta omnia componat; et postea hec scriptura vendicionis firma permaneat. Que est facta vi kalendas augusti anno vii regni Philippi, regis. Sig+num Arnalli Mironis. Sig+num Arsindis, qui hanc cartam scribere iussimus et firmavimus et firmare rogavimus. Sig+num Geralli Alamanni. Sig+num Guillermi Bernardi de Odena. Sig+num Raimundi-Guillermi, filii eius. Sig+num Sicardi Salomonis. Sig+num Raimundi Mironis de Acuta. Sig+num Raimundi Raimundi de Capolads. Sig+num Berengarii Raimundi fratris eius. Sig+num Bernardi Raimundi de Camarasa. Sig+num Mironis Isarni. Sig+num Ugonis Arnalli. Sig+num Guil­lermi Raimundi de Callariis. Sig+num Arnalli Bernardi de Castelleto. Sig+num Reamballi Guillermi de Montecatano. Sig+num Bernardi Rai­mundi de Sancto Menato. Sig+num Arberti Raimundi. Sig+num Ber­nardi Isarni de Rener. Sig+num Arberti Isarni. Sig+num Bernardi Dalmacii. Sig+num Ugonis Dalmacii de Bergedano. Sig+num Berengarii Riculfi de Castello Edrale. Sig+num Bernardi Amati. Sig+num Gerallus. Sig+num Bernardi Trasvarii. Sig+num Berengarii Isarni. Girbert Miro. Petrus, diaconus, huius schedulam largicionis rogatus scripsit, die annoque praenotato cum litteris suprapositis in vi versu.

Historical context: 

This document records the sale of the town of Casseres by Arnall Miro and his wife to the count and countess.

Printed source: 

LFM 1.152-53, #152.  


1067, July 27