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A letter from Sancia, countess

Translated letter: 

In the name of the Lord.  I countess Sancia am the donator to you, lord Raymond, count of Barcelona and lady Almodis, countess.  By this document of my gift, I give you that town of Pilzano with its towers and all buildings and with churches and tithes and first-fruits and oblations and with the lands and cultivated vineyards, and fallow lands, and all the trees together with forests and barren lands and meadows and pastures and boundaries and appurtenances and all thing pertaining to it, as much as can be named or determined:  and beyond this, I give you the third part which I have in the castle of Puirog with all its limits and boundaries.  All these came to me from the gift of my husband Ermengald, count of Urgell.  And said towns with their boundaries and appurtenances are in the far ends of the Marches near Spain, and they abut:  in the east the boundary of Casseres, in the south of Stopiniano and Gavasa, in the west, the towns of Calasancio and Josset, and in the northwest Benavarri and Falch.  As much as these abutments include and these boundaries encircle, I give you fully as your own allod, except that property of Pasqual with its appurtenances and with four equal pieces [pariliatis] of land next to the boundary of Stagna, which I gave to the church of St. Peter of Ager for the soul of lord Ermengald, count, my husband;  and of my right I hand over this whole to your power to do what you will.  And who might wish to break this may not do so in any way, but for the presumption alone he will pay all the aforesaid doubly; and afterwards this document of sale will remain firm.  Which was done on the sixth kalends of August in the seventh year of the reign of king Philip.  Sign+ of countess Sancia, [I] who ordered this document of gift and signed it and asked it to be signed.  Sign+ of Gerald Aleman.  Sign+ of William Bernard of Odena.  Sign+ of Sicard Salomon.  Sign+ of Raymond Miro of Acuta.  Sign+ of Raymond Raymundi.  Sign+ of Berengar his brother.  Sign of Bernard Raymond of Camarasa.  Sign+ of Miro Isarn.   Sign+ of Hugo Arnall.  Sign+ of W[illiam] Raymond of Callaris.  Sign+ of Raymond W[illiam] of Odena.  Sign+ of Arnall Bernard of Castelleto.  Sign+ of William of Montecatano.  Sign+ of Bernard Raymond of St. Menato.  Sign+ of Albert Raymond.  Sign+ of Bernard Isarn of Rener.  Sign+ of Arbert Raymond.  Sign+ of Bernard Isarn.  Sign+ of Arbert Isarn.  Sign+ of Bernard Dalmad.  Sign+ of Hugo Dalmad.  Sign+ of Berengar Riculf.  We all are witnesses of this thing.  Sign+ of Hugo Dalmad of Bergedan.  Sign+ of Arnald Miro.  Sign+ of Gerald Gibert Mir.  Peter, deacon, wrote this sheet of bestowing as asked, on the day and year noted.

Original letter: 

In nomine Domini. Ego Sancia comitissa donatrix sum vobis, domno Raymundo, comiti Barchinonensi, et domne Almodi comitisse. Per hanc mee donacionis scripturam dono vobis ipsum castrum de Pilzano cum turribus et edificiis omnibus et cum ecclesiis et decimis et primiciis et oblacionibus et cum terris et vineis cultis et heremis et arboribus universis simul cum silvis atque garriciis et pradis et pasquis et terminis et pertinenciis et omnibus rebus sibi pertinentibus, quantum potest dici vel terminari: et extra hoc, dono vobis terciam partem quam habeo in castro de Podio Roio cum omnibus finibus et terminis eius. Advenerunt mihi hecomnia per donacionem viri mei Ermengaudi, comitis Urgelensis. Et sunt predicta castra cum suis terminis et pertinenciis in extremis finibus Marchiarum iuxta Hispaniam, et habent afrontacionem: ab oriente in termino de Castro Serris, a meridie in termino de Stopiniano et de Gavasa, de occiduo in termino de castro de Calasancio et de Josset, et [de] circio iterum in termino de Benavarri et de Falch. Quantum iste afrontaciones includunt et isti termini ambiunt, dono vobis ab integro ad vestrum proprium allodium, excepto ipso manso de Pasqual cum suis pertinenciis et cum quatuor pariliatis terre iuxta terminum de Stagna, quod ego dedi ecclesie Sancti Petri de Ager pro anima domini Ermengaudi comitis, viri mei; et de meo iure sic trado hoc totum in vestrum dominium ad quod volueritis faciendum. Et qui hoc vobis voluerit dirrumpere, nullo modo possit facere, sed pro sola pressumpcione hoc totum in duplo componat et post hec scriptura donacionis firma permaneat. Que est facta sexto kalendas augusti anno septimo regni Philippi, regis. Sig+num Sanccie comitisse, que hanc scripturam donacionis scribere iussi et firmavi et firmare firmarique rogavi. Sig+num Geraldi Alemani. Sig+num Guilermi Bernardi de Odena. Sig+num Sicardi Salomonis. Sig+num Raimundi Mironis de Acuta. Sig+num Raimundi Raimundi. Sig+num Berengarii, fratris eius. Sig+num Bernardi Raimundi de Camarasa. Sig+num Mironis Izarni. Sig+num Ugonis Arnaldi. Sig+num G[uillermi] Raimundi de Callaris. Sig+num Raimundi G[uillermi] de Odena. Sig+num Arnaldi Bernardi de Castelleto. Sig+num Guillermi de Monte Catano.  Sig+num Bernardi Raimundi de Sanco Minato.  Sig+num Alberti Raimundi.  Sig+num Bernardi Izarni. Sig+num Alberti Izarni.  Sig+num Bernardi Dalmacii.  Sig+nu Ugonis Dalmacii. Sig+num Brengarii Riculfi.  Nos omnes huius rei testes sumus.  Sig+num Ugonis Dalmacii de Bergedan.  Sig+num Arnaldi Mironis.  Sig+num Geraldus Gibert Mir. Petrus, decanus, huius cedulam largitionis scripsit sub die et anno prefixo.

Historical context: 

Instrument of gift which countess Sancia made to the count and countess for the town of Pilzano and a third part of the town of Puirog.

Printed source: 

LFM 1.154-55, #153.


1067, July 27