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A letter from Guadall Gilbert

Translated letter: 

I,  Guadall Gilbert, son of the woman, Esimberg, swear to you, lord Raymond, count, and lady Almodis, countess, my lords that from this day forward I shall be faithful to you without deception on your life and all the members that are held in your bodies and that whole honor that you have today and ought to have and will acquire henceforth, God granting, without trickery and evil artifice and any deception, in the name of that town which is/was called Belvezi, which name has been changed and is now called Far.  And I shall be faithful to you for said town and all its boundaries and all things adjacent pertaining to it.  And I shall not take all the aforesaid nor anything from all the aforesaid from you and if any man or woman takes all the aforesaid or anything of all the aforesaid from you, I shall be an aid to you to hold and defend and fight for all the aforesaid by faith without any deception, as best I can, against all men or women who might take from you all the aforesaid or anything from all the aforesaid, except Raymond Bermund, my lord.  As is written above, so I shall hold this and attend to it, I said Guadall Gilbert to you, said count and countess, my lords, to my knowledge.  By God and these holy things.

Original letter: 

Iuro ego Guadallus Guilaberti, filius qui fui Esimberga, femina, vobis, domno Raimundo comite et domne Almodis comitisse, senioribus meis, ut ab hodierno die et deincebs fidelis ero vobis sine engan de vestra vita et de omnibus membris que se tenent in corporibus vestris et de toto ipso honore quem hodie habetis vel debetis habere vel deincebs adquisieritis, Deo dante, sine fraude et malo ingenio et ulla decepcione, et per nomen de ipso castro quod vocatur Belvezi, quo mutato alio nomi­ne nunc vocitatur Far. Et fidelis ero vobis de predicto castro et de omnibus eius terminis et cunctis rebus et de adiacenciis pertinentibus ad eum. Et ego non tulero vobis predicta omnia nec aliquid de prediictis omnibus et, si aliquis homo vel femina tollit vobis iam dicta omnia aut aliquid de iam dictis omnibus, adiutor ero vobis ad tenere et ad defendere et ad guerregare predicta omnia per fidem sine ullo engan, sicut melius potuero, contra cunctos homines vel feminas qui tulerint vobis iam dicta omnia aut aliquid de iam dictis omnibus, excepto Remundo Bermundi, senioris mei.  Sicut superius scriptum est, si o tenre et o atendre ego predictus Guadallus Guilaberti vobis, domno Raimundo comiti et domne Almodi comitisse predictis, me sciente.  Per Deum et hec sancta.

Historical context: 

Oath taken by Guadall Gilbert to the count and countess.

Printed source: 

LFM 1.255-56, #242.