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Title social-status: 
Countess of Savoy and Belley

Adelgida/Adela  was the wife of Amadeus I, count of Savoy and Belley (successor and son of Humbert I, “Whitehands”).    Adelgida is not otherwise identified, but she is likely to be of high birth;  she is described in one donation as "illustrissima,"  most illustrious.  She and Amadeus were married by 1030 and had two sons, Humbert and Aymon, and perhaps a daughter. * 

Biographical notes: 

* The marriage is noted by Georges de Manteyer, Les origines de la Maison de Savoie en Bourgogne, 910-1060 (Rome, 1899, reprinted Geneva:  Mégarotis, 1978), 520, who says of Adèle “l’origine est inconnue.”  He also discusses the likelihood of the daughter, Thiberge, 440-41.