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Namesort descending Title Birth Date Date of death
Ada of Holland Margravine of Brandenburg 1160's 1205
Adela of England, Countess of Blois Countess of Blois, Chartes, and Meaux c.1067 1137
Adela/Adelaide, countess of Flanders countess of Flanders 1079
Adelaide of Aquitaine, queen of the Franks queen of the Franks 1004
Adelaide of Burgundy, Ottonian empress queen of Italy, Ottonian empress 931 999
Adelaide of Carcassonne Countess of Cerdagne after 1070
Adelaide of Leuven Duchess of Lorraine 1158
Adelaide of Swabia Queen of Hungary 1090
Adelaide of Turin and Susa Countess of Turin and Savoy 1091
Adelaide/Adeliza/Adelida, royal nun royal nun lived in the 11th century
Adelgida/Adela Countess of Savoy and Belley early 11th century
Adelheid/Adela of Meissen Queen of Bohemia 1160-62? 1211, February 2
Adelicia nun later 12th century
Adelidis of Barking Abbess c.1166
Adeodata noblewoman mid 6th century?
Adolana, abbess of Pfalzel abbess of Pfalzel 7th century 8th century
Aelis of Basochis Lady of Castello Porcens mid 12th century?
Agnes of Aquitaine countess of Savoy mid 11th century late 11th century
Agnes of Assisi 13th century
Agnes of Poitiers, empress empress 1077
Agnes of Prague 1211 1282
Agnes of Savoy Margravine of Turin and Susa mid 11th century 1110
Agnes, abbess of the Holy Cross Abbess of the Holy Cross, Poitiers 588
Agnes, daughter of Payn fitzJohn Lady c.1125 1190-91
Aleid/Adelaide of Holland Countess of Hainaut before 1234 1284