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Namesort descending Title Birth Date Date of death
Algasia 4th century
Alix of Vergy, duchess of Burgundy Duchess of Burgundy 1251
Alix/Adela of Champagne, queen of France queen of France 1206
Almodis of La Marche Countess of Barcelona 1071
Amalasuntha Queen of the Ostrogoths 535
Amice of Beaumont countess of Leicester mid 12th century c.1215
Amice of Gael and Norfolk Countess of Leicester early 1100's 1160's?
Angelberga of Italy Queen of Italy, Empress 830's? after 888
Anne of Kiev Queen of France between 1024 and 1032? 1075?
Arsenda Viscountess of Àger early 11th century 1168?
Ascelina nun later 12th century
Athelits, abbess of St. Mary at Romsey abbess of St. Mary at Romsey 11th century 12th century
Aurelia patrician 6th century
Barbara and Antonina patricians late 6th century
Basilia, widow 11th century 12th century
Beatrice of Lorraine, duke of Tuscany duke of Tuscany 1076
Beatrice of Melgueil Countess of Melgueil/Maguelone 1120's c.1190?
Beatrice of Savoy Countess and Marquise of Provence and Countess of Forcalquier and Gap before 1207 1265
Beatrice of Villa noblewoman by mid 12th century
Beatrice, countess/duke of Upper Lorraine countess/duke of Upper Lorraine 987
Berengaria of Navarre, queen of England Queen of England c.1170 1230
Bertha of Avenay Abbess 9th century
Bertha of Paris Queen of Kent late 6th century
Bertha of the Obertenghi Countess, Margravine of Turin after1040
Bertha of Turin Countess early 11th century late 11th century