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Namesort descending Title Birth Date Date of death
Eadburg/Eadburga, abbess of Minster in Thanet abbess of Minster in Thanet late 7th century mid 8th century?
Eangyth, abbess abbess 8th century
Edith, noble Anglo-Saxon religious noble Anglo-Saxon religious 11th century 12th century
Egburg/Egburga/Ecburg 8th century
Eleanor of Aquitaine duchess of Aquitaine, countess of Poitou (from 1137), queen of France (1137-52), duchess of Normandy and countess of Anjou (from 1152), queen of England (from 1154). 1122/24 1203/4
Eleanor of England Countess of Pembroke and Leicester Countess of Pembroke and Leicester c.1215 1275, April 13
Eleanor of Provence Queen of England 1223 1291
Elfed, abbess of Whitby abbess of Whitby c.654 713
Elisabeth of Schoenau 1128/1129 1164/1165
Emma of Mortain Countess of Toulouse mid 11th century
Emma of Provence Countess of Toulouse first half of 11th century
Emma, queen of the Franks queen of the Franks after 988
Ermengard of Carcassonne Viscountess of Albi, Béziers and Nîmes between 1101 and 1105
Ermengard of Narbonne, viscountess of Narbonne viscountess of Narbonne 1197?
Ermengard of Tours Empress 800? 851
Ermengard, a married lady 11th century
Ermengarde of Anjou, countess of Brittany countess of Brittany c.1069 1147
Ermengarde of Savoy Queen of Burgundy 1057?
Ermentrud of Orleans Queen of the Franks 823 869
Ermessend of Melgueil Countess of Melgueil 1176
Ermessenda of Carcassonne Countess of Barcelona 975/978 1058, March 1
Eulalia, abbess of Shaftesbury abbess of Shaftesbury
Eusebia patrician late 6th century
Eustochium 369-370? 418-419?
Fabiola 1. c400; 2. after 422