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Namesort descending Title Birth Date Date of death
Frodelina lived in the 11th century
Furia 4th century
Gerberga of Arles Countess of Arles and Provence, viscountess of Millau and Gévaudan 1115
Gerberga, abbess of Gandersheim 940 1002
Geruchia widow late 4th century
Gregoria Roman aristocrat, cubicularia of empress mid 6th century?
Guilla countess of Monte Santa Maria 11th century 11th century
Guillelma of Montpellier Viscountess of Nimes early 12th century late 12th century
Guillemette of Albi and Nîmes Viscountess of Bruniquel mid 11th century
Gunhilda/Gunnilda, royal nun royal nun
Hadewich lady of Basochis 12th century
Hedybia widow 4th century
Helena of Serbia Queen of Hungary
Heloise, abbess of the Paraclete abbess of the Paraclete 1163
Hermesinde Countess of Poitiers, Duchess of Aquitaine 11th century 11th century
Hildegard of Bingen Magistra of St. Rupert's 1098 1179
Hodierna of Jerusalem countess of Tripoli after 1161
Hrotsvit, nun of Gandersheim nun of Gandersheim in 930's ?
Ida nun 12th century
Ida of Carinthia Countess of Nevers 1179
Ida of Lorraine, countess of Boulogne countess of Boulogne 1113
Idonea nun 12th century
Imiza, a lady of the Ottonian court lady of the Ottonian court
Imma, wife of Einhard 835, December
Immilla of Turin Duchess of Swabia, Countess of Meissen 1078