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Namesort descending Title Birth Date Date of death
Ingeborg of Denmark, queen of France queen of France 1175 1237-38
Isabel of Angoulême Queen of England, Countess of Angoulême and La Marche by 1188 1245
Isabella of Jerusalem queen of Jerusalem 1172 1205
Italica patrician late 6th century
Joan of Constantinople, Countess of Flanders Countess of Flanders 1199/1200 1244
Joveta of Jerusalem Abbess of St. Lazarus of Bethany 1119-20 before 1178
Judith of Bavaria, Empress Empress 841
Judith of Swabia Queen of Hungary 1054 1105
Ledgarde, Countess of Blois 10th century late 10th c.?
Leontia Empress, Augusta 7th century
Lioba/Leobgytha/Leoba, abbess of Tauberbischofsheim abbess of Tauberbischofsheim 780
Mabilia/Mabilla, a nun nun 11th century 12th century
Marcella 330's ? 410
Margaret and Pontia nuns at Marcigny 12th century
Margaret of Clare nun of Barking 12th century
Margaret of Constantinople, Countess of Flanders Countess of Flanders early 1200'2 1280
Margaret of Navarre Queen of Sicily 1138 1183
Margaret of Wessex queen of Scotland 1093
Marguerite of Geneva Countess of Savoy c.1180? 1258
Marguerite of Provence Queen of France c.1221 1295
Maria of Montferrat Queen of Jerusalem 1192 1212
Marie of Boulogne and Blois countess of Boulogne 1182
Marie of Champagne, duchess of Burgundy duchess of Burgundy
Marie of Courtenay empress of Constantinople 1204 1228