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Namesort descending Title Birth Date Date of death
Paula, the elder c.347 404
Petronilla of Aragon Queen of Aragon and Countess of Barcelona 1135 1173
Philippa of Champagne Princess of Jerusalem and Lady of Brienne and Ramerupt c.1197 1250
Philippa of Toulouse Countess of Toulouse and Poitiers, Duchess of Aquitaine 1170's November 28, 1119(?)
Praeiecta noblewoman mid 6th century?
Radegund of Thuringia Queen of the Franks, nun of Poitiers c.525? 587, August 13
Rangard of La Marche Countess of Carcassonne 1130's? after 1171
Respecta abbess of St. Cassian of Marseilles mid 6th century?
Richardis of Alsace Empress between 894 and 896
Richeza, sister of Anselm of Canterbury sister of Anselm of Canterbury
Richild of Lotharingia Queen of West Francia, Roman Empress
Richinza of Nordheim and Brunswick Empress 1141
Rodelinda, sister of Peter Damian 11th century c.1062?
Rohais (Giffard/FitzGilbert) Lady Rohais of Tonbridge and Clare
Rusticiana Patrician mid 6th century early 7th century
Salvina 5th century
Sancha of Castile "Queen" 1116? 1157
Sanchia of Provence Countess of Cornwall, Queen of the Romans 1228? 1261
Sancia of Barcelona Countess of Cerdanya 1060's before 1117
Savinella noblewoman 6th century
Seith, noble Anglo-Saxon religious noble Anglo-Saxon religious 11th century 12th century
Sibylla of Jerusalem Countess of Jaffa and Ascalon, Queen of Jerusalem 1160 1190
Sigegyth nun 7th century
Sophia a noble virgin 12th century