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Name Title Birth Date Date of deathsort descending
Clementina patrician mid 6th century
Montana servant of the church mid to late 6th century
Emma of Mortain Countess of Toulouse mid 11th century
Savinella noblewoman 6th century
Christiana of Blois nun late 12th century
Guillemette of Albi and Nîmes Viscountess of Bruniquel mid 11th century
Matilda of Burgundy "Duchess" mid 12th century
Nun M., daughter of Richard
Aurelia patrician 6th century
Odiarda, Abbess of Faverney Abbess 12th century
Theodora Spana mid 4th century
Eusebia patrician late 6th century
Gregoria Roman aristocrat, cubicularia of empress mid 6th century?
Cecilia of Clare nun of Barking 12th century
Castorina mid 4th century?
Hrotsvit, nun of Gandersheim nun of Gandersheim in 930's ?
Constance of France, countess of Toulouse countess of St. Giles, once countess of Boulogne, and called queen of England fl. mid 12th
Imiza, a lady of the Ottonian court lady of the Ottonian court
Sophia of Hungary Princess
Helena of Serbia Queen of Hungary
Bertha of Avenay Abbess 9th century
Margaret and Pontia nuns at Marcigny 12th century
Domnica noblewoman mid 6th century?
Sophia a noble virgin 12th century