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Name Titlesort descending Birth Date Date of death
Nun M., daughter of Richard
Waldrada after 869
Theodora Spana mid 4th century
Gerberga, abbess of Gandersheim 940 1002
Algasia 4th century
Elisabeth of Schoenau 1128/1129 1164/1165
Marcella 330's ? 410
Cena 8th century
Egburg/Egburga/Ecburg 8th century
Fabiola 1. c400; 2. after 422
Ermengard, a married lady 11th century
Frodelina lived in the 11th century
Basilia, widow 11th century 12th century
Furia 4th century
Clare of Assisi 1193-94 08/10/1253
Castorina mid 4th century?
Cuneburg, Cuneburga/Cuniburg 8th century
Constance of France, Countess of Troyes 11th century 12th century
Ledgarde, Countess of Blois 10th century late 10th c.?
Theoctista 6th century
Salvina 5th century
Virgins of Haemon