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Namesort ascending Title Birth Date Date of death
Wiltrud of Lorraine Countess of Calw/Kalw 1090's
Waldrada after 869
Virgins of Haemon
Valencia of Tost Countess of Pallars mid 11th century early 12th century
Theutberga of Lotharingia Queen of Lotharingia after 869
Theophanu, empress empress mid or late 950's 991
Theodora Spana mid 4th century
Theodelind, queen of the Lombards queen of the Lombards fl.6th to 7th c.
Theoctista 6th century
Talasia abbess early 7th century
Swithan/Suitha, abbess abbess 8th century?
Sophia of Hungary Princess
Sophia a noble virgin 12th century
Sigegyth nun 7th century
Sibylla of Jerusalem Countess of Jaffa and Ascalon, Queen of Jerusalem 1160 1190
Seith, noble Anglo-Saxon religious noble Anglo-Saxon religious 11th century 12th century
Savinella noblewoman 6th century
Sancia of Barcelona Countess of Cerdanya 1060's before 1117
Sanchia of Provence Countess of Cornwall, Queen of the Romans 1228? 1261
Sancha of Castile "Queen" 1116? 1157
Salvina 5th century
Rusticiana Patrician mid 6th century early 7th century
Rohais (Giffard/FitzGilbert) Lady Rohais of Tonbridge and Clare
Rodelinda, sister of Peter Damian 11th century c.1062?